Web Application Development (PHP/HTML/CSS)

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Web application development is one the the most sought of fields in the industry today. There are thousands of new websites coming up everyday with millions of requests being made through them. Linking various features on the website and bringing out new functionalities for the enduser has become more exiting than ever. Developers are using web development tools and stack in the most effective ways in order to add new features to websites and make existing ones more usable. A complete cycle of web application development consists of numerous layers including database, server side, client side etc. Each of these layers require different tools which talk to each other and create the effective communication required for building an awesome web application.

Web Application Industry

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects about 27 percent employment growth for Web developers by 2024. During that period, about 39,500 new jobs will need to be filled in an industry that already has roughly 148,500 positions. The expansion of e-commerce is expected to be the main driver of Web developer job growth in the next decade. As more companies offer or expand their online retail presence, more Web developers will be needed to build the websites visited by consumers to purchase their favorite products.

Web Application Course For Students

To keep students abreast with the latest technology trends in this field we have designed this course for engineering students across all years. In this course we teach students the full stack of website development from scratch. Some of the technologies taught in this course include Php, HTML, CSS3, java scripts etc. This course aims to provide them an introduction to the field and a sneak peek into the infinite possibilities it holds. A lot of companies are hiring web application developers, hence a course on this can really serve as a great facilitator in placement and job interviews. Request for the course brochure to know what topics we cover in this course.

Course Information

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