Vehicle Dynamics : Basics

Every Engineer is well versed with the term Engine and its capabilities. It is one of the most used machine in this world. Knowledge of an Engine and other systems associated with it, in a vehicle, is limited to the classroom and laboratory sessions. But this machine has a lot more to offer and this knowledge shouldn’t be confined to few people.
The Vehicle Dynamics course is set to provide just an insight of how all the parts of a vehicle work. Coupling this with practical sessions and expert trainers from various fields, students will have a better knowledge about the inside of a automobile. Learn how your enthusiasm about vehicles and engines can be turned into an opportunity to land a good job.

Learning Outcome
1. Student Learns the Ins and Outs of a Vehicles Dynamic System
2. Understands the system with the help of live examples.
3. Explore the trends in the Automobile Field
4. Provide the necessary knowledge to a automobile enthusiasts

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