Robot Kinematics and Dynamics


Robotics is fast becoming the most sought out skill both for research purpose and in Industry. The Popularity of this course is due to the fact that it encompasses a vast area in engineering. Many manufacturing, Production, Medicine industries are going for automation using robots. companies like Bosch, ABB, Fanuc, Difacto etc are prominent companies which are building Industrial Robots. An advanced knowledge of designing robot, kinematics and dynamics and path planning concepts come to play.

Robot Kinematics and Dynamics for students

In this course we focus on designing an industrial robot according to specification. Students will learn how to design a industrial Robot according to the requirement. Students will learn to use the RoboAnalyzer software.

Learning Outcome

1. Building a robot from scratch
2. Knowledge of designing a robot for industries
3. Using Simulation Software to Understand the kinematics and dynamics of Robot
4. Core Industrial Robots training for advanced learning.

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