Networking & White Hat Hacking

White hat hacking refers to the act of ethical hacking. White hat hackers are the opposite of hackers for they engage in penetration testing, security, and act as red teams for potential clients. White hat hackers break into systems and networks with the consent of the client to expose shortcomings in security to prevent similar attacks in the future by black hat hackers. White hat hackers are hackers who use their skills for the benefit of the society, unlike conventional hackers who engage in random acts of anarchy.

White hat hacking aims at increasing cyber security to protect classified or personal information of various companies, organizations, and individuals. Fixing loopholes and vulnerabilities is the number one priority of all companies. Product testing involves finding these loopholes and creating effecting fixes. An ethical hacker comes handy at times like this. Various organizations also employ hackers for security and threat assessment.

Every company with an online presence or network needs security and security testing. Companies like Microsoft or Google which design applications and products also engage in vigorous product testing which involves penetration testing and searching for exploitable codes. There is always a demand for white hat hackers in the market and they get paid very generously for finding bugs or loopholes in the system. Many companies like Facebook and Google have reward programs for white hat hackers who can find bugs in their system. Taking up this course will help computer geeks stay code savvy. It is also useful for those passionate about coding and cryptography. This course will help computer engineers get placements in software and code-centric companies. Learning ethical hacking might be the key to securing a dream job.

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