Industrial Product Design ( CATIA Tool )

CATIA is the world’s leading parametric and 3D modelling software. CATIA comes with engineering, design, and systems engineering capabilities. An integrated systems engineering approach is taken with CATIA. Designers can do detailed modelling and simulation to manage the complex development process.
Being one of the first Computer Aided Design software tools, Dassault Systems’s CATIA boasts large list of companies using it to design their systems. The List includes Boeing, General Dynamic Electric Boats, Citreon, Toyota, Ford, Alstom Powers etc.

Industrial Product Design for students

A product designer and engineer are required to have complete knowledge about developing a design virtually. But we believe an engineer needs something more than that to strive in an industry. This course is a part of Ready-for- Industry courses, which aims to make, the budding design engineers, adept with scenario in a company. The outcome of such courses is to give that extra edge to the students where in a company views them as the right candidate.

Learning outcome

1. Learn advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modelling and documentation.
2. Learn to validate the design according to the industrial requirements.
3. This is a Ready-for-Industry course which gives you ample knowledge to ace your placement drive.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days and 8 Days