Angular JS

Angular.js is an open source JavaScript framework which helps in the creation of dynamic applications. Its developers are Brat Tech LLC, Google and other corporations and individuals. Angular helps in the development and testing of single page applications by providing a framework for client-side MVC and MVVM architectures along with components used in Installable Internet Applications. Angular is the frontend part of the MEAN stack which consists of the MongoDB database, Express.js web application server framework, Angular.js, and Node.

Though it is relatively new to the market having been released in October 2010, it has gained a lot of interest in a short span of time. Companies like Intel, NBC, Wolfram Alpha, ABC News, Sprint etc. use Angular on their websites. AngularJS improves the testability and performance of applications. It is one of the best solutions for frontend programming.

Learning Angular is very easy yet extremely useful. All it takes is the basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to take up this course. AngularJS has been rising in prominence and is still gaining a lot of attention over the past half a decade. It is becoming one of the most effective scripts for professional web development. Thus, it is imperative for computer science engineers to take up this course as it will help them in web development and programming. A quick survey reaffirms the belief that the demand for AngularJS is rising. Hence learning Angular in the early years of engineering would prove to be an invaluable addition to your resume and ensure employment as a web developer.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 Days, 3 Days and 8 Days