Algorithms and Data Structures

About Algorithms and Data Structures:
Algorithms are nothing but a series of steps to be followed in order to solve problems. It thus forms the basis of any program. Algorithms help a programmer to understand his problems and challenges better. Data structures refer to the manner in which data is stored. It deals with an abstraction of data and encapsulation of data. Thus it helps users deal with what the data represents and the logic behind the working of a viable program rather than worry about the actual coding that goes into creating the program for any problem. These enable the tackling of difficult problems in an efficient and simple manner.

Uses of Algorithms and Data Structures:
Algorithms help in finding solutions for similar problems with great ease as they can be applied in different scenarios involving similar parameters. Using algorithms, one can identify patterns with greater ease and find faster and novel ways of solving different problems. Data Structures help in understanding information and analyzing it with greater ease. The operations involving data is dealt with in data structures independent of the implementation. This helps programmers use different methods of implementation without much change to the outcome or expected a result of the program. It also gives programmers the ability to deal with ambiguous problems with greater ease.

Why learn Algorithms and Data Structures:
Algorithms and Data Structures are the building blocks of any program. It is impossible for an efficient program to be built without prior knowledge of algorithms or data structures. Learning this is the first step in becoming an efficient programmer. Taking up this course helps to learn design better programs and applications with creativity. A computer engineer or programmer without knowledge of algorithms is unheard of. Learning Data Structures and Algorithms also helps in learning other programming languages faster and hence ensures that one is adaptive in different work environments. It is thus beneficial for engineering students to take up this course in their early years of engineering as it enables them to code more efficiently.

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