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Contribute your bit to our mission of changing the higher education landscape. Most of us know the key challenge in current education system is an outdated curriculum & lack of exposure about ongoing / upcoming technologies in the industry.

Monkfox is building a community of professionals, experts, enthusiasts & teachers who understand this problem and are willing to change by sharing their expertise. Currently, we are working across all branches of Engineering to provide students with the much needed engagement to bring them at employable standards of the industry.

If you an expertise in any area (Non Technical As Well) relevant for students in higher education and you wish to share your knowledge with students, Monkfox is the place to be. Even with a very small contribution of your time and knowledge, you can create a big difference in students' lives.

We propose the following 2 flexible ways to get associated and start contributing :-

1. Technology Advisor

You will help us in designing/updating course modules in your area of expertise. Sometime, you are expected to speak to Instructors, Head of Department in a College to ensure expectations. Your engagement may not exceed more than 2-3 Hours in a month.

2. Course Instructor

You may engage with us for two/three weekends in a quarter, to deliver the programs online/offline in domain of your expertise to students. Each engagement will be scheduled subject to your confirmation.

We have also prepared a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which will help you get some of the answers. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Course Instructor
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Online Course Creator

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What is the registration process?

  • Submit your application above.
  • Our Team will schedule a meeting on Skype/Call with eligible applicants.
  • Selected Applicants are registered as an Instructor/Technology Expert.
  • Do I get paid for my contribution?

    Apart from the sense of satisfaction which you will derive out of this work, we will provide handsome monetary compensation.

    Who takes care of Travel/Stay/Food etc?

    We will bear all the expenses towards travel, food, stay etc.

    I am a working professional. Can I also get registered?

    Yes. You are the one, who is in touch with the latest industry trends and technologies. Your contribution is very vital for this mission.

    Being a working professional, how will I balance both?

    We do understand this concern. Each assignment will seek your prior approval. You can choose to say NO. Pertinent to clarify that most of the assignments are that of 2 days during the weekend.

    Where are these programs conducted?

    Typically the physical programs are conducted at the college campus on weekends. Currently most of these programs are across India. We are initiating our operations in international market, and assignments may come from abroad as well.

    Do you have an option of being online instructor?

    Yes, you can choose to be online instructor, offline instructor or hybrid.

    I don’t want to be a live instructor (online/offline), I can just give you online recorded sessions.

    Yes, we are developing a module for pre-recorded online sessions. Do register, our team will get back to you on the same.

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