Digital Marketing

For any product, service or website to reach the consumer, there exists the need for advertising, branding and easy availability. The emergence of digital marketing has led to the reinvention of marketing strategies and has completely changed the way in which brands utilize technology to market their products. What started as billboards and posters has now become a larger sector with sweeping changes and growth starting from the 1990’s. Digital Marketing is now vital to the growth and success of any product or service.

Digital Marketing refers to a lot of strategies and activities including but not limiting to search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing and e-commerce marketing. Even though the bulk of Digital Marketing is now done through the internet, the use of mobiles for SMS and MMS is also a part of digital marketing. People may spend a lot of time on different platforms but only a well thought out and careful marketing would pitch the product to prospective consumers successfully. Digital Marketing isn’t limited to just advertising. The strategies involved in digital marketing calls for a lot of innovation and planning to ensure that the product is able to beat the competition and stand out. It also requires constant innovation and adaptability to the latest trends and technological changes. Recently, brands have started marketing by finding their target audience by monitoring social media and user habits. Good marketing thus adapts to the user’s interactions and also fuels further interactions from the user.

Digital Marketing is continuing to grow according to the Global Marketing Index with increasing revenue and expanding budgets. This trend is expected to continue due to the impact of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. This course will be of great value to engineering students looking to pursue MBA as well as those looking to brighten their prospects at placements for all products and services need successful marketing to sell to consumers. The knowledge gained from this course will be always useful since marketing is an evergreen field which can drastically improve employment prospects as well as equip students with the knowledge and skillset to even market their own products and start-ups. Thus this course is ideal for engineering students from all backgrounds to get the knowledge and skill to execute successful marketing strategies for various businesses.

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