Who Are We

Monkfox is an IIT, IISc Alumni initiative to provide best in class training to Engineering Graduates.

Our Mission

To inculcate the practice of hands on practical learning in all the Colleges and Universities.

What We Do

Our services include Workshops, Training, Lab Setup, Mentoring, FDP & SDP, Certification etc.

Our history

Monkfox is a team of highly experienced IIT-IIM alumni. All of us have been mentors, educationists and entrepreneurs at some point in our lives. We share a common vision, which is to change the look and shape of higher education in the country. The reality today is that the engineering graduates coming out of our colleges are unemployable. A lot of it has to do with the lack of hands-on and practical real-world exposure to the students. At Monkfox we are trying to change that scenario.

We conduct various hands-on technology workshops i.e. Student Training Programs (STPs) and Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), we are also actively involved in activities like Career Training, Lab Setup, Mentoring, Certification, Project assistance etc. Some of these workshops are conducted in collaboration with Engineering Colleges and some outside of classrooms. With Monkfox, we have been able to change the lives of more than 15000 engineering students studying in more than 150 engineering colleges. Also, with our Faculty Development Programs, we have had the opportunity to interact with more than 1000 faculty members all over India. Some of the advanced technology workshops which we have conducted include Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Robotics, Python and Blockchain. Apart from these advanced technical workshops, we also conduct programs to reaffirm the engineering fundamentals like Zero to Hero Coder, Operating System Fundamentals, Civil engineering fundamentals, Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

We all are going to experience a drastic change in the job market in the years to come. In the next 5 years, 70% of the existing jobs will vanish and several new jobs will get created. Developing countries like China, Brazil etc are investing heavily in education and specifically on advance skill education. As a country, we need to remain relevant to the current and future job market. We need to be able to attract more and more jobs to sustain our growing population. The only answer to this is reskilling. We need to start investing our time, energy and money towards preparing our future workforce for jobs which are going to come. With Monkfox we are taking this challenge head-on and making sure that students joining the job market are adding value to their companies right from day one.


Deepak Singh

IIT BHU alumni worked as Sr. Software Developer with Oracle for various international clients. Expert in Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data and Web Apps.

Sujeet Mishra

A Graduate in Electronics from IIT Dhanbad.Over 8years of experience with several companies such as Qualcomm and Wipro. Expert in IoT, Product Development.

Singarao Saikiran

Graduate from IISc, Bangalore in 2012 with specialization in Electricals. With more than 6 years of industry experience in IoT, Embedded Systems, and Power Electronics.

R. K. Singh

General Manager at Ampool India Pvt. Ltd. and an IIT Bombay alumnus having a total experience of 26+ years, largely dominated by Video Processing, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Graphics and Parallel Processing.

Kirthi Ranjan

Graduated from IIT Kharaghpur, with Patents in the area of water purification technology, Winner of “ Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award” and Mahindra and Mahindra “Rise the Spark Award” 2012.

Sankalp Akash

IIT Kharaghpur and XLRI alumnus, Management Professional and Seed Investor. Expertise in Database Management, Operations currently working as Senior Product Manager at Head Digital Works Pvt Ltd.

Our 6-D process



In Discovery stage we compare current and future Job requirements with the current education in the colleges. Here we try to find out the skills required for an particular job and validate if an colleges can provide such skills to the students.



In Define Stage we draw up multiple plans on how to fill up the skill gap of the students. We try to gather adequate information and data relating to the planning to be made and to analyse it to find out the cause and effect relationship between various factors.



In the Design stage the main aim is to come up with solutions for persisting and future problems. Here we try to think out of the box in building a programme which is educational, practical, entertaining as well as future proof. 



In the Development stage, we interact with numerous Industry professionals and trainers to give the programme its shape, structure and content based on the industry and job standards and requirement. This helps students to take up advanced technological jobs in any industry.



In the Deployment stage, we try to find out different channels to deliver the programme like classroom, online, audio/ video recording etc. Since each programme and location of students and trainers has its own unique challenges we try to use a variety of channels to upskill students.



In the Delivery stage, we select only those trainers and professionals who are Subject Matter Experts in their field and have experience of more than 5 years in training and skill development. Only the best trainers are selected to train the students which ensures that the quality of the training is maintained.

Why choose us?

We have an experience of training 20,000+ students in 150+ Colleges across India. We have trained the students in some of the most advanced technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality etc.

Monkfox is an initiative of IIT-IIM Alumni and Serial Entrepreneurs. We are experts in the technological and educational field with more than 5 years of professional working and training experience.

All our courses are designed with guidance and inputs from Industry professionals. We try to maintain complete synchronisation with the new technological developments in the industry and incorporate those new technologies into our courses.

Quality is something we never compromise on therefore we select only those trainers and professionals who are Subject Matter Experts in their field and have experience of more than 5 years in training and skill development.

The outcomes and goals of the workshops are pre-defined so that there is no confusion or doubts in students mind

At the end of every workshop, we present certificates to all the participants, we also try to find out a handful of best-performing students and award them with a Certificate of Merit based upon their performance.

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